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Michael Burrows

Michael Burrows

Michael Burrows Debuts ‘Brand New Heartache’ With Lior and Simon Starr

by Paul Cashmere on July 23, 2020

in News

Melbourne singer/songwriter Michael Burrows has a new song with Lior and Simon Starr.

Michael, Lior and Simon have known each other since they were teenagers. When they recently got together they threw around some lines and recorded a bunch of songs.

“The writing process is always fun with these guys. Three old friends getting together to have some Whiskey, listen to some records and share some stories. There are always instruments lying around so as the conversation evolves, one of us will stop and start playing and the rest join in. It’s a great environment to start jamming without any expectation or pressure and then suddenly a song starts to form”

“Brand New Heartache was the first song we recorded and I took the lead vocal spot. I really loved the way this song sounded from the first writing session and it was such a beautiful and relaxed experience writing and recording them that the tracking and mixing came together seamlessly”.

Earlier this year Michael Burrows released ‘Please Don’t Cry’ with Neil Finn.

In 2019 Lior performed ‘Grey Ocean’ with the Momentum Ensemble at the National Theatre, St. Kilda Melbourne.


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