Nathan Cavaleri Offers Advice To Taj Farrant -
Nathan Cavaleri

Nathan Cavaleri

Nathan Cavaleri Offers Advice To Taj Farrant

by Paul Cashmere on July 26, 2020

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There hasn’t been a new Nathan Cavaleri in 25 years, that is until Taj Farrant came along.

Taj is the 11-year old Australian guitarist who has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Nathan Cavaleri was nine years old when he was discovered by blues legend B.B. King who described him as “the future boss of the blues” and opened doors for him in the USA. Nathan soon signed with Michael Jackson’s label in the USA and appeared in the American films ‘Camp Nowhere’ (1994) and ‘Paws’ (1997.

On August 6, Nathan will release ‘Demons’, the first album under his own name since 1994’s ‘Nathan’.

Nathan Cavaleri has battled his own demons over the years which distracted him from his career path. Now at age 38, he is back with new music.

Nathan’s was that 11 year old kid who Taj is today. The 20th Century prodigy offers this advice for his 21st century prodigy counterpart. Speaking With Nathan’s message to Taj is, “The one thing is to know why you play and just really hang on to the purity of that connection. I know I got lost for quite some time in the business and the goals and make it. What even is ‘make it’? I didn’t even have a definition for it. It was just ‘make it’. Creatively I suffered at times and I think a lot of artists go through that. It is really important with all these opinions and all the different ways that you can get your music out there is to keep bringing it back to yourself”.

Nathan had a mentor in Russell Brown, Rusty from Electric Mary. “When I was really struggling if I should sing any of my songs, when I was struggling with the advice that I was given by high profile people I respected, they said ‘you’ll never be a singer, you are a guitar player, get someone else to sing your songs’. I found that really difficult. I asked Rusty ‘how do you stay true with all this opinion around you and how do you navigate through that when you are making decisions?’. And he said ‘you have to start by pleasing yourself’. If you are not pleasing yourself then the rest of it doesn’t matter. You can’t get lost in what everybody else thinks. And my secondary goal is at least make sure that its translating”.

Watch the full interview with Nathan Cavaleri here:

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