Rob Thomas Insults Indigenous Australians And Owes Australia An Apology -
Rob Thomas. Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Rob Thomas. Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Rob Thomas Insults Indigenous Australians And Owes Australia An Apology

by Paul Cashmere on February 21, 2016

in Live,News

I’m going to give Rob Thomas the benefit of the doubt after he slurred the oldest continuous culture on planet earth. Maybe his comment was just a bad joke from an ignorant tourist. Then again maybe a little racist streak just let loose for one blind moment.

Whatever, Rob Thomas needs to apologise to Indigenous Australian’s after telling the Melbourne audience on his opening night of his Australian tour that on the flight from New York ‘I start drinking until I’m a black Australian”.

The fans were not impressed either. Most booed, some laughed as you can see in this video.

The comment beggars belief. I was so taken aback by Thomas’s arrogant remark that I had to confirm what he had just said with my friend writer Carly Findlay who was at the same show. Sadly, we heard the same thing.

I was enjoying Rob Thomas’ concert until he dropped a racist, ignorant comment while he filled in time during a…

Posted by Carly Findlay – writer, speaker, appearance activist. on Saturday, 20 February 2016

It was a stupid thing for Rob Thomas, a frequent visitor to Australia, to say. His band Matchbox Twenty had their first success in this country. The band first visited Australia 20 years ago and numerous times after. Rob has toured Australia as a solo act three or four times and visited for promo on numerous occasions. He is not a first time visitor who should be ignorant of Australian history and culture.

Rob, what would you think if an Australian visited your country and insulted the traditional owners of your land the same way you did ours?

Rob Thomas is an incredible songwriter, he has an amazing live band and for near two hours tonight he performed an astonishing show covering his 20 year musical history but in just a few seconds of thoughtless banter the entire performance went down the drain with that one stupid, arrogant, ignorant, racist remark.

Rob Thomas, Australia deserves an apology for your tactless, racist remark at Saturday night’s Melbourne concert.

UPDATE: Rob Thomas has apologised for his comments at this Facebook page:

After the show in Melbourne tonight while backstage with some of my Australian friends, it was brought to my attention that I said something that is racist and insensitive.

Please understand that although it is no excuse, I was completely unaware that in Australia there is a polarizing social issue happening right now involving indigenous people and alcohol.

When I was made aware of it, the ground fell out beneath me, and I realized that people may now see me as the exact opposite of who I am.

I’m sitting here in my hotel room completely gutted that a joke that I made was much more relevant to the times in Australia than I realized.

I know that words are just words, but to those I offended, I deeply, DEEPLY apologize!

Everyone who knows me is aware that for the past 20 years I have been a fervent supporter of civil rights, so I am incredibly embarrassed by my ignorance.
I feel like a fool and apologize to all Australians.

After the show in Melbourne tonight while backstage with some of my Australian friends, it was brought to my attention…

Posted by Rob Thomas on Saturday, 20 February 2016


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