Andrew Stockdale, Wolfmother, 2013, Music Bowl, Ros O'Gorman, Photo

Andrew Stockdale, 2013, Photo By Ros O'Gorman

Wolfmother Vs Solo Is The Same Thing For Andrew Stockdale

by Paul Cashmere on June 3, 2013

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Former Wolfmother singer Andrew Stockdale says it doesn’t matter if he is Wolfmother or solo, it is all the same thing.

Andrew Stockdale, Wolfmother, 2013, Music Bowl, Ros O'Gorman, Photo

Andrew Stockdale, 2013, Photo By Ros O'Gorman

“We’ve got all our gear in the van right now. The guys in the band are here. We are playing gigs. We’re just not calling it Wolfmother,” he tells Noise11. “We’ll play ‘Woman’ and ‘Joker’, ‘Long Way Girl’ and ‘Keep Moving’. I was a solo guy who had a band name, like Queens of the Stone Age or Smashing Pumpkins, Icehouse”.

Andrew says he had been planning on releasing his album ‘Keep Moving’ under his own name for a long time but couldn’t talk about it. “I wanted to make a solo record and I talked to the band about it ages ago but I couldn’t let the cat out of the bag,” he said.

Stockdale’s last gig as Wolfmother was with Aerosmith at the Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne in April.

Being the solo guy with the band name generated a lot of criticism for Andrew. ‘You cop a lot of flack being that dude, being difficult to worth with,” he said. “I can’t get into it and explain people’s reasons for leaving. Everyone who has left I am still working with. Dave who played drums on ‘Cosmic Egg’ did some engineering on this record. I’m at the servo on the weekend waving hi to his son. It’s not like we are burning bridges vibe that people have the impression of”.

Watch the Andrew Stockdale Noise11 interview here:



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