Brian Cadd Joins Birds Through Fire for ‘Bullet Wind’ -
Brian Cadd performs at the APIA Good Times Tour 2015 at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne on Sunday 24 June 2015

Brian Cadd performs at the APIA Good Times Tour 2015 at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne on Sunday 24 June 2015 photo by Ros O'Gorman

Brian Cadd Joins Birds Through Fire for ‘Bullet Wind’

by Paul Cashmere on November 14, 2023

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Australian music legend has contributed to a new recording by Birds Through Fire but instead of singing, Brian delivers a haunting spoken word input to the piece titled ‘Bullet Wind’.

Brian tells a story about the human struggle against fascism, totalitarianism, ignorance and prejudice with the poignant words or Paul Cartwright and music by Robby Aceto.

There is no sleep to be found, only to lie with the dagger
a somnambulist dream that is just out of reach
please hide me
From polishing stone, from a loving hook calling out to ghosts
Signalling are you there ?

Play close to the vessels that I believe that I have made
oh fire girl, oh bugle boy
a soldiers heart is here to find
follow the North Star
over the seawall, cut against the reef
in amongst the half moons, over the fallen hills

From this tiny room that echoes out to the big, wide world
The pressure is taking us down
My ship cannot sail
It just drifts between ice and stars
a soldiers heart is here to find
be my bullet wind

Melbourne based bass player and multi-instrumentalist Paul Cartwright has been a professional musician since 1986. He has worked with Brian Cadd’s band, Glenn Shorrock, David Bridie, The Brewster Brothers and John Schumann.

Paul has also contributed to numerous television and film projects including Bran Nue Dae, Underbelly Badness and Bondi Rescue.

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