Cranky Van Morrison Takes Aim At Facebook On New Album -
Van Morrison photo by Ros O'Gorman

Van Morrison photo by Ros O'Gorman

Cranky Van Morrison Takes Aim At Facebook On New Album

by Paul Cashmere @paulcashmere on May 5, 2021

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After spending last year spreading Covid conspiracy theories, Van Morrison is still in cranky mode on his new album ‘Latest Record Project Volume 1’.

Morrison targets social media giant Facebook on the track ‘Why Are You On Facebook’, he bemoans the media with ‘They Own The Media’ and whines about a lethargic public with ‘Where Have All The Rebels Gone’. On the Facebook track he drones “Why do you need second-hand friends?/ Why do you really care who’s trending?”

Pissy Van continues in ‘No Good Deed Goes Unpunished’ and ‘Tried To Do The Right Thing’.

Morrison turned Covidiot in 2020 with the song ‘Born To Be Free’, protesting lockdown and complaining we were “enslaved”, they were “taking our freedom” and “making up crooked facts”.

Whining aside the album does sound like vintage Van. Chris Farlowe (Out of Time) even joins him on ‘Big Lie’.

‘Latest Record Project Volume 1’ will be released as a double album.


• 1. Latest Record Project
• 2. Where Have All the Rebels Gone?
• 3. Psychoanalysts’ Ball
• 4. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
• 5. Tried to Do the Right Thing
• 6. The Long Con
• 7. Thank God for the Blues
• 8. Big Lie
• 9. A Few Bars Early
• 10. It Hurts Me Too
• 11. Only a Song
• 12. Diabolic Pressure
• 13. Deadbeat Saturday Night
• 14. Blue Funk
• 15. Double Agent
• 16. Double Bind
• 17. Love Should Come With A Warning
• 18. Breaking The Spell
• 19. Up County Down
• 20. Duper’s Delight
• 21. My Time After a While
• 22. He’s Not the Kingpin
• 23. Mistaken Identity
• 24. Stop Bitching, Do Something
• 25. Western Man
• 26. They Own the Media
• 27. Why Are You on Facebook?
• 28. Jealousy

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