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photo credit Jarad Levy

Kav Temperley - photo credit Jarad Levy

Kav Temperley Of Eskimo Joe Premieres Solo Work ‘Machines of Love and Grace’

by Paul Cashmere on May 11, 2022

in News

Kav Temperley of Eskimo Joe has a second solo album on the way. The first album ‘All Your Devotion’ was released four years ago in 2018.

“The thing about solo records is they take a long time because you end up playing everything. It just takes ages,” Kav tells Noise11.com.

Despite the album being nearly all of him Kav says he had to lean on a few mates to help him out. “I’ve got some great friends who are other musos who have stepped in and did some drums and things but it is pretty much me doing everything. It’s a great chance to muck around with extra vocalists. There are going to be at least two proper duets on the record which is going to be fun”.

He says the pressure was off for album two. “It is the second solo album I have made. There is a large pressure on yourself when you go in to make your first solo record because you are like ‘who am I’ as a solo artist. I feel like I have been able to now move through that. It doesn’t feel as overthought going on to make another record. It just sounds good”.

Don’t expect it to be two far removed from an Eskimo Joe record either. “I am such a pop kid at heart,” he says. “They are all songs you can sing along to because that’s what I do. I am not going to make a weird, left of centre atmospheric record because I’m an ‘artist’. I am driven to write songs with choruses. I can’t help myself.”

Here is the first single ‘Machines of Love and Grace’

Filmed and directed by Eskimo Joe visual collaborator Cooper Gordon, the video for Machines Of Love And Grace perfectly complements the bittersweet themes explored in the song, with Kav intimately playing up the voyeuristic elements of social media and digital connection underpinning proceedings, elaborating, “Voyeurs to each other’s lives, I’m asking the question: do any of us feel like we exist unless we’re posting? And who are we when the camera lights turn off? We now live through these machines in the most intimate way, and we take them anywhere and everywhere we go! For the video, it was an idea of FaceTime without having FaceTime,” Kav says.“The most amazing thing is that the actor and the actress reacting to each other, they never met each other, yet on camera, it’s like they’re having an intimate relationship. It’s absolutely fascinating and plays into the whole theme about the machines of love and grace.”

‘Machines of Love and Grace’ is out now but we may not hear the full album until 2023.

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