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Rolling Stones Hackney Diamonds

Let It Bleed Indeed, The Stones To Expand Hackney Diamonds

by Paul Cashmere on December 1, 2023

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With not even two months since the release of the 43 different ‘Hackney Diamonds’ album covers, the Rolling Stones will suck more cash from the veins of fans and let them bleed once again with an expanded edition of ‘Hackney Diamonds’.

The upcoming Christmas cash grab will be released on 15 December. The bonus disc is the live album from the Racket Club, New York Hackney Diamonds launch on 19 October, 2023.

Hackney Diamonds (Live Edition) Tracklisting
1. Angry
2. Get Close
3. Depending On You
4. Bite My Head Off
5. Whole Wide World
6. Dreamy Skies
7. Mess It Up
8. Live By The Sword
9. Driving Me Too Hard
10. Tell Me Straight
11. Sweet Sounds of Heaven (featuring Lady Gaga)
12. Rolling Stone Blues

CD2 – Live At Racket, NYC
1. Shattered (Live at Racket, NYC)
2. Angry (Live at Racket, NYC)
3. Whole Wide World (Live at Racket, NYC)
4. Tumbling Dice (Live at Racket, NYC)
5. Bite My Head Off (Live at Racket, NYC)
6. Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Live at Racket, NYC)
7. Sweet Sounds of Heaven (featuring Lady Gaga) (Live at Racket, NYC)

The Rolling Stones have done a magnificent job milking ‘Hackney Diamonds’. The band created a multi-million dollar marketing campaign around the release of their first studio album since ‘Blue & Lonesome’ in 2016, including the construction of an entire media circus fronted by clown Jimmy Fallon.

The Stones planned ‘Hackney Diamonds’ as a cash grab right from the start. Justin Bieber’s producer Andrew Watt was recruited to give the album a sound only 18 year olds can appreciate. There are no dynamics. It is over-compressed. It is an album made to be listened to through earbuds, not a sound system.

The top-heavy celebrity guest list of players recruited was to generate headlines and added to the campaign and the production of a different album cover for every major league baseball team milked fans right at the start of the release.

‘Hackney Diamonds’ is a good album. It could have been a great album if it didn’t have Andrew Watt but we have what we have. There is also a part two (or another album) expected sometime in the future. The Stones recorded enough for two albums during these sessions so there is another one coming. That’s the good news. The bad news is Watt will be all over it too.

The fact is we would rather have a new Stones album than no Stones album at all. With a North American tour in 2024, talk of an Australian tour for 2025 and yet another album to come (as well as whatever is next from the archives) Stones fans will still have a lot to look forward to for years to come.

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