Russell Morris Premieres Stunning ‘The Dreams Of Jack Chrome’ Album -
Russell Morris The Dreams Of Jack Chrome

Russell Morris Premieres Stunning ‘The Dreams Of Jack Chrome’ Album

by Paul Cashmere on August 5, 2022

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Legendary Australia singer songwriter Russell Morris has delivered a second installment of the Jack Chrome alter-ego with the new album ‘The Dreams of Jack Chrome’.

The first album ‘Jack Chrome and the Darkness Waltz’ with Rick Springfield was released in 2021.

“It’s like I almost feel more comfortable wearing a mask,” Russell tells “I feel that he is an alter-ego and it is easier for me to write from his style. I guess it still is my style but it feels like someone else to me. I feel like I’m being someone else. I feel like I’m being an actor. What I’m doing is trying to create a character through his voice. The songs he sings are his character, not mine”.

Rick Springfield got involved with his old friend Russell after Russell shared an early version of a song with him. “He saw a song that I did in full make-up and he thought it was great. He contacted me and said ‘can we do an album together’. And so we did the album about The Day of the Dead which we really loved the concept of. He has now moved on to do a whole other lot of stuff. He is working with Sammy Hagar but I still liked the concept of that other character, the alter-ego. Not so much doing another day of the dead album because its not about that. This starts off with a song called ‘Dance With Me Now’, which is a song about the quantum universe and how we are all connected to the universe and maybe we have tangled particles within us that are connected elsewhere. That’s what the opening song is about. It’s a different style to day of the dead. Its a different character”.

‘The Dreams of Jack Chrome’ is out now through Ambition.

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