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Derek Smalls

Derek Smalls

Spinal Taps’s Derek Smalls Releases New Song ‘Must Crush Barbie’

by Paul Cashmere on September 15, 2023

in News

With no news of a Spinal Tap reunion in the works, founding member, the legendary bass player Derek Smalls, has released a solo song ‘Must Crush Barbie’.

Smalls, who is also involved in Crypto currency, decided to write the Barbie song because it was too hard to write a song about Crypto.

Smalls said in a statement, “Been spending the last year or so as Brand Ambassador for BruegelCoin, the Dutch crypto currency. Since it was cratering this past spring, I was following the news more than usual, which is where I got bombarded by all the Barbie b.s. I don’t know which angered me more, but it’s really hard to write a song about crypto. But the overwhelming shroud of pinkness definitely deserved a major pricking. And that’s where I came in”

Smalls is a close personal friend of Simpsons voice of Mr Burns, Harry Shearer.

Derek Smalls has also been occasionally known to play bass for Judith Owen.

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