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Welcome To The Jungle – Navigating the Music Business In Australia by Andrew Watt

Welcome To The Jungle – Navigating the Music Business In Australia by Andrew Watt

Want to learn how to navigate the music business in Australia?

by Anthony Barton on March 6, 2014

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Entertainment and media lawyer, journalist, and the founder of InPress, Andrew Watt has released his guide to the Australian music industry titled ‘Welcome To The Jungle – Navigating the Music Business In Australia’.

The book features 90 interviews with industry professionals such as Michael Gudinski, Mark Poston, Michael Chugg, Dan Rosen and Denis Handlin, and is in essence an anecdotal textbook for the music industry.

Over the 680 pages, Watt provides readers with an insight into the Australian music industry, drawing both from his own experiences as an artist manager, venue owner, publisher, lawyer and music business lecturer, and from the extraordinary breadth of interview material he has collected.

Watts wanted to create a different type of textbook, one that moved away from the important foundations of the industry that are taught to music business students, and provide a more real-world take on the industry.

“There are a number of books out there that provide good, factual information about some aspects of the live and recorded music industries, but none of those books speak with the experience, knowledge and personal anecdotes of those people currently working at the pointy end of the business, on a daily basis,” said Watt.

To coincide with the launch of the book, Watt will also run a workshop at Melbourne’s JMC Academy on March 22nd. This inaugural workshop is aimed at Music Business students, artists wanting a better understanding of the industry and anyone trying to get their foot in the door. No doubt much of the content will come directly from Watt’s book.

“It would be impossible for any student to get access to all the key people in the industry for a one-on-one download of their knowledge and experience”, said Watt. “Welcome To The Jungle bridges that gap and it couldn’t have happened without so many key industry people being very generous with their time and thoughts. The book is a unique document in that respect.”

‘Welcome To The Jungle – Navigating the Music Business In Australia’ is out now.


Saturday 22 March 2014 (10.00am – 5.00pm).

JMC Auditorium, 171 Bank St, South Melbourne (off Clarendon St).

$95 inc GST (each registrant receives a free print edition of
Welcome To The Jungle – Navigating the Music Business In Australia (RRP: $55)
* please note that as part of the course fees, attendees will be given a workbook
and several other useful information documents

Workshop bookings can be made at

Welcome To The Jungle – Navigating the Music Business In Australia

Available for sale from Monday 24 February 2014 at
as either a paperback or an e book.

Featuring interviews by
Michael Newton * Michael Gudinski * Luke O’Sullivan * Colin Daniels * Charles Caldas * Scott Bagby * Carl Gardiner * Vanessa Picken * Mark Poston * John Curtain * John Watson * Peter Leak *Todd Rundgren * Gregg Donovan * Joel Connolly * Greg Carey * Richie McNeill * Dror Erez *Denis Handlin * Simon Moor * Marianna Annas * David Williams * Dan Rosen * Brett Cottle *Jackie Krajl * Thomas Heymann * Michael Parisi * Ruuben Van Den Heuval * Bill Cullen * Bertis Downs * Bernard Galbally * Jadden Comerford * Ben Turnbull * Terry Blamey * Adam Jankie * Johann Ponniah * Ian James * Nick O’Byrne * Paul Piticco * Michael Coppel * Dave Faulkner * Millie Millgate *Frank Stivala * Richard Moffatt * Tim Northeast * Brian Lizotte * Emily York * Michael Chugg *Frank Cotela * Jessica Ducrou * Tim Janes * Andy Kelly * Zac Abroms * Danny Rogers * Bonnie Dalton * Steve Kilbey * Kav Temperley * Benji Rogers * Frank Varrasso * Peter Foley * Cath Haridy *Craig Hawker * Kim Green * Jess Beston * Jake Gold * Rae Harvey * Brett Murrihy * Jon Perring * James Young * Mary Mihelakos * Steve Wade * Fraser Bourke * Brian Taranto * Peter Noble *Zanda Strofield * Ely Ehlinger * Nicole Hart * Brian McDonald * Emily Kelly * Graham Ashton *Matt Gudinski * Keith Ridgway * John Rash * Kim Carter * Patrick Donovan *Nick Wallberg *Simon Smith * David Lewis * John Strohm * Scot Crawford * Chris O’Brien.

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