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The Angels Talk The Talk

The Angels Talk The Talk

The Angels Prep Second Dave Gleeson Album Talk The Talk

by Paul Cashmere on December 12, 2013

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The Angels will release their second album with new lead singer Dave Gleeson in January.

‘Talk The Talk’ will follow-up ‘Take It To The Streets’ released two years ago. ‘Take It To The Streets’ was the first album for The Angels in 15 years and became a Top 10 hit in Australia.

‘Talk The Talk’ was recorded at Alberts Studios in Sydney where the band recorded their iconic albums in the 70s.

Gleeson has been touring with The Angels and showcasing the new title track in the live set. “It was the first song finished,” Rick Brewster says. “It cranks, cuts right to the bone and it defined the path for the songs that followed.”

“Talk The Talk is a great album,” says Gleeson. “I feel like I can say that because in some ways, I still get to have an outsider’s perspective… but from the inside. To be involved with the process of writing and recording the album with John and Rick is just such a great experience in itself – then to be able to bring something to that process was even more awesome. On top of that to see the Brewster Brothers produce and arrange the final product has been nothing short of watching magic happen. I can’t wait to be delivering the next stage of The Angels’ brand of rock and showing off a great new selection of rock songs. Bring on 2014!”

The Talk The Talk tracklist

Talk The Talk
Got An Itch
Every Man
Broken Windows
Heart Of Stone
Got A Feeling
Nations Are Failing
You Might Have It
Book Of Law
I Come In Peace
Personal Thing
No Rhyme No Reason

‘Talk The Talk’ will be released on January 17 through Liberation Records.

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