Ben Lee Seems To Have Gotten Himself Into A Pickle Over Murray Cook Statement -
Ben Lee

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Ben Lee Seems To Have Gotten Himself Into A Pickle Over Murray Cook Statement

by Paul Cashmere on March 23, 2022

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Ben Lee has come under fire from Wiggles fans after telling a bizarre story about an animal hit by a car in Latvia that became frozen on the bumper of a vehicle which, I take it, was removed and made its way to Australia.

Posting the story to Tik Tok, it ends in Ben’s words with “yada yada yada, Fuck you Murray”. He then tagged Murray Cook and The Wiggles and … yada yada yada … a day later, issued a “please explain”.

@benleemusic Reply to @hazey.fantazey #thewiggles #storytime #indierock #sydney #livemusic #australianmusic #murraycook ♬ original sound – Ben Lee

Ben’s second post says the first video was a joke, but he copped a ton of abuse from Wiggles fans over it. “It’s not been an easy 24 hours …it was a joke and I said it was a joke. I guess I haven’t been subjected to that level of internet bullying and just viciousness when the Wiggles fans started coming at me… there is something about the Wiggles fans, there is just like a hatred in their hearts. Murray, I said I am sorry and I ask you please like man to man, call off you fans, please.”

@benleemusic Reply to @c00mwall this needed to be said #thewiggles #murraycook #australianmusic #feud #australia #fruitsalad #yummyyummy #fyp ♬ original sound – Ben Lee

By the way, I still don’t know if this is all meant to be a joke or not.

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