Coldplay Gift Australia New Song ‘Christmas With The Kangaroos’ -
Chris Martin, Coldplay, Melbourne. Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Chris Martin, Coldplay, Melbourne. Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Coldplay Gift Australia New Song ‘Christmas With The Kangaroos’

by Paul Cashmere on December 15, 2016

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Coldplay has gifted Australia a brand new Christmas song called ‘Christmas With The Kangaroos’.

“Coming to Australia is such a treat so it’s time we wrote a song specifically for Australia,” Chris Martin told the Sydney audience.

The lyrics

“Well have you ever stopped to wonder,
How they do Christmas Day Down Under,
How do they make Christmas nice,
When they got no snow and ice,
And what about poor Santa’s sleigh,
He has to come from fucking miles away,
And what about poor Mick Dundee,
For he ain’t got no Christmas tree,
Well they say Christmas here is much more fun,
We’ve got surfing, we got sun,
Christmas here is sweet as a peach,
Open presents on the beach,
We’ve got barbies, we’ve got beer,
Santa wishes he lives here,
Loads of laughter, loads of booze,
Christmas with the Kangaroos”

A little later:

“Do you wander where Jesus was,
When you’ve got Kylie and Shane Warne”

The Sydney show was the last night on the Australian tour for Coldplay.

Coldplay setlist Sydney, 14 December 2016

A Head Full of Dreams (from A Head Full of Dreams, 2015)
Yellow (from Parachutes, 2000)
Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall (from Mylo Xyloto, 2011)
The Scientist (from A Rush of Blood To The Head, 2002)
Birds (from A Head Full of Dreams, 2015)
Paradise (from Mylo Xyloto, 2011)

Always in My Head (from Ghost Stories, 2014)
Magic (from Ghost Stories, 2014)
Everglow (from A Head Full of Dreams, 2015)

Clocks (from A Rush of Blood To The Head, 2002)
Midnight (from Ghost Stories, 2014)
Charlie Brown (from Mylo Xyloto, 2011)
Hymn for the Weekend (from A Head Full of Dreams, 2015)
Fix You (from X&Y, 2005)
“Heroes”(David Bowie cover)
Viva la Vida (from Viva La Vida Or Death and All His Friends, 2008)
Adventure of a Lifetime (from A Head Full of Dreams, 2015)

In My Place (from A Rush of Blood To The Head, 2002)
Til Kingdom Come (from X&Y, 2005)
Christmas With The Kangaroos (new)

A Sky Full of Stars (from Ghost Stories, 2014)
Up & Up (from A Head Full of Dreams, 2015)
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