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Daniel Johns photo by Daniel Boud

Daniel Johns photo by Daniel Boud

Daniel Johns Performs His First Ever Solo Show With A Little Silverchair Added VIDEO

by Paul Cashmere on May 29, 2015

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Former Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns performed his first ever solo show at the Sydney Opera House on Thursday night.

The show billed as the first ever performance of Johns’ new solo album ‘Talk’ didn’t quite turn out that way. The setlist was ‘ heavily inspired’ by the new album with the occasional Silverchair, Dissociatives and cover song throw in.

John’s played all but two songs off his new record and included the track ‘Surrender’, released weeks ago on the ‘Aerial Love’ EP.

The two Silverchair songs were the hit song ‘Straight Lines’ and the Diorama track ‘After All These Years’. From Johns and Paul Mac collaboration The Dissociatives Johns played ‘Young Man Old Man’ and from Judy Garland, a cover of ‘Over The Rainbow’ from The Wizard of Oz ended the night.

Daniel Johns released his debut solo album ‘Talk’ last week.

Daniel Johns Sydney May 28 2015 SETLIST

Aerial Love (from Talk, 2015)
Cool On Fire (from Talk, 2015)
Faithless (from Talk, 2015)
Too Many (from Talk, 2015)
Surrender (from Aerial Love EP)
New York (from Talk, 2015)
Sleepwalker (from Talk, 2015)
Dissolve (from Talk, 2015)
Going On 16 (from Talk, 2015)
Straight Lines (from Silverchair’s Young Modern, 2007)
Young Man Old Man (from The Dissociatives, 2004)
Warm Hands (from Talk, 2015)
Preach (from Talk, 2015)
Good Luck (from Talk, 2015)

After All These Years (from Silverchair’s Diorama, 2002)
We Are Golden (from Talk, 2015)
Chained (from Talk, 2015)
Over The Rainbow (Judy Garland cover)


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