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Dukes of Hazzard Star Slammed For Nasty Beyoncé Comment

by Music-News.com on February 19, 2024

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Dukes of Hazzard star John Schneider slammed for ‘dog’ comparison.

Schneider was asked for his thoughts on Beyonce’s upcoming country-music album, and his response drew the ire of her legion of fans.

“The lefties in the entertainment industry just won’t leave any area alone, right? They just have to seize control over every aspect, don’t they?” the One American News host asked Schneider in an already leading series of questions.

One American News is a conservative media outlet.

John replied: “They’ve got to make their mark, just like a dog in a dog walk park. You know, every dog has to mark every tree, right? So that’s what’s going on here.”

The comparison to a dog had Beyonce’s fans up in arms.

“This is racism at its best,” one wrote on X/Twitter. “Former Dukes of Hazzards has been likens Beyonce to a urinating dog because she decides to make a Country Western album. He needs to research Country Western.”

They were not alone. “Comparing Beyonce to a dog is racist and hateful,” wrote another. “As a country fan, I welcome her and let’s see what she has. John Schneider is another low life white supremacist.”

Others pointed out that Beyonce, unlike John, hails from Texas – the home of country music.

“And John Schneider isn’t even from Texas..but Beyonce is,” posted one. “He’s lame just like his songs and his acting.”

Beyonce released two country songs, Texas Hold ‘Em and 16 Carriages, during the 2024 NFL Super Bowl.

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