Gavin Ryan's End of Year Australian Chart Wrap-up -
Taylor Swift Midnights

Gavin Ryan’s End of Year Australian Chart Wrap-up

by Gavin Ryan on January 7, 2023

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For the first time in her career, Taylor Swift has the highest selling album in Australia for 2022, as her late October dropped tenth set “Midnights” is the No.1 Album for the past year.

#1 – Midnights by Taylor Swift (HP-1×8, WI10/100-10+, ▲) is also the No.1 selling vinyl album of the past year, and with the album having clocked up eight weeks at the top of the ARIA Albums Chart, it is the equal longest running chart-topping album for 2022. In the past Taylor has had the No.2 album of the year twice, with 1989 in 2014 (also No.3 for 2015) and then “folklore” in 2020, but this is now her first End of Year (EOY) winner. In total Ms. Swift has eight albums in the EOY Top 100, with the aforementioned “1989” her next highest at No.16, then she almost has three in a row, with “Red (Taylor’s Version)” at No.23 (No.19 vinyl for 2022), “folklore” sitting at No.25 (No.20 vinyl) followed by “Lover” at No.26 (No.38 vinyl). Her “Reputation” sits at No.34 after which way down at No.59 is “evermore” (No.39 vinyl), and then finally “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” makes it in at No.91.

#2 – Harry’s House by Harry Styles (HP-1×8, WI10/100-32+, ▲) was the third issued solo album for the former 1D member, whose lead single “As it Was” became the No.1 selling single for 2022, with all three of his solo albums landing within the Top 40 selling Albums of the past year, plus he has a second within the Top 10. “Harry’s House” is also the No.2 selling vinyl album for 2022, while the album hasn’t left the Top 10 in the past 32 weeks of its chart run, which began on May 30th and is the second album for 2022 which has logged eight weeks at No.1. His second album “Fine Line” is the No.7 EOY LP (No.14 vinyl; HP-1×3, WI10-85, WI100-159+, ▲2), having also been the No.7 album of 2021, the No.1 set for 2020 and the 42nd for 2019 (after two weeks of sales). His self-titled first set takes out the No.37 spot for 2022 (No.9 vinyl), having previously been No.47 in 2021, No.54 in 2020 and initially No.11 in 2017.

#3 – The Highlights by The Weeknd (HP-2×5, WI10-73, WI100-99+, still no cert) is the highest placed Best of collection this year, having spent 49 out of the past 52 weeks within the Top 10, spending four broken weeks at it’s re-peak/entry position of No.2 (August 1st & 22nd and then again from October 10th & 17th). The collection was the No.9 seller for 2021, while the Canadian artist is the second and final artist with two albums in the EOY Top 10, as his January 2022 issued set “Dawn FM” (HP-1×3, WI10-8, WI100-50+, still no cert) is the No.10 ranked album of 2022, while he also lands positions with “Starboy” at No.29 (No.99 in 2021, No.91 in 2018, No.27 in 2017 and No.51 in 2016) and “After Hours” at No.33 (No.50 in 2021, No.9 in 2020) giving him four albums within the Top 100 for 2022.

#4 – SOUR by Olivia Rodrigo (HP-1×8, WI10-74, WI100-84+, ▲2) was the No.1 album for 2021, and it sold enough during 2022 to make it as the fourth biggest seller for the past year, plus it’s also the No.17 selling vinyl album of 2022, with the album spending 43 of the past 52 weeks within the Top 10, while no new singles from Olivia were dropped during 2022, she did manage two of her 2021 singles to land berths within the Singles EOY chart, “Good 4 U” at No.21 (No.6 in 2021), and her first hit “Driver’s License” at No.59 (No.3 in 2021).

#5 – = (equals) by Ed Sheeran (HP-1×1, WI10-45, WI100-61+, ▲) was the No.6 selling album for 2021, and now it ranks one place higher for 2022, plus it’s also the No.5 selling vinyl album for the past year, and with Ed Sheeran set to tour Australia from mid-February the album should keep selling well for the next few months. Ed also lands entries with his older sets “÷ (divide)” at No.22 (No.13 in 2021, No.16 in 2020, No.11 in 2019, No.2 in 2018 and No.1 in 2017), followed by his “x (multiply)” at No.78 (No.59 in 2021, No.61 in 2020, No.33 in 2019, No.10 in 2018 No.7 in 2017, No.20 in 2016, No.2 in 2015, No.1 in 2014) and finally his “No.6 Collaborations Project” makes it in at No.83 (No.54 in 2021, No.12 in 2020, No.2 in 2019).

#6 – Planet Her by Doja Cat (HP-2, WI10-57, WI100-79+, ▲) was the No.8 selling set for 2021 and now it ranks higher for 2022, helped by logging 32 weeks within the Top 10 during the past year, plus her previous album “Hot Pink” also takes out the No.86 set for 2022 (No.54 in 2021, No.51 in 2020). She also landed four EOY Top 50/100 Singles entries too at No.27 with “I Like You (A Happier Song)” alongside Post Malone, “Vegas” at No.33, “Kiss Me More” at No.34 and “Woman” at No.42.

#8 – Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa (HP-1×3, WI10-65, WI100-144+, ●) sees a third year in a row that the second album from the British singer has landed a Top 10 EOY berth, as the set was initially the No.6 selling album for 2020, then in 2021 it landed at No.4, now this year it continues as the eighth highest set for 2022, plus it landed the No.46 spot on the Vinyl Sales Chart for the past year. She finally made it to our shores for a tour in November of 2022, while it only logged ten weeks within the Top 10 in 2022, it did regain a third annual No.1 position, as on April 25th it jumped back to the No.1 spot thanks to a limited edition vinyl version, having previously sat at the top on March 22nd, 2021 (Grammy win rise) and April 20th, 2020 (initial release). Her self-titled debut album also lands the No.41 spot for 2022 (No.39 in 2021, No.32 in 2020, No.22 in 2019, and No.46 in 2018).

#9 – Curtain Call: The Hits by Eminem (HP-1×2, WI10-10, WI100-62+, ▲12) is the highest ranked of the three EOY placements for Eminem during 2022, and also the oldest album within the Top 10 (second oldest within the Top 20), having first been issued in 2005, it hit No.10 during 2022 spending a single week within the Top 10, but it did spend most of the year within the Top 20 (44 out of 52 weeks), while the set was initially the No.66 album in 2005 and No.24 in 2006, plus it has also been No.25 in 2018, No.24 in 2019, No.41 in 2020 and No.25 in 2021, making this year it’s first ever Top 10 EOY position. The U.S. rapper also lands with his 2002 set “The Eminem Show” at No.51 and his latest collection “Curtain Call 2” lands at No.66 for 2022 (HP-2, August 2022).

The #1 album for 2019 and #3 set for 2020 was also the No.12 album for 2021, while for 2022 the debut Billie Eilish album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go” places at No.11 for 2022 (No.47 vinyl), which was helped back into the Top 10 in September and October by her national tour, while her follow-up album “Happier Than Ever” is at No.18 for 2022, one place lower than the albums No.17 position for 2021, while her breakout EP “Don’t Smile at Me” sits at No.62 (No.67 in 2021, No.37 in 2020, No.17 in 2019 and No.94 in 2018).

The third highest placed Best of set is sitting at No.12 for Maroon 5’s “Singles Collection”, which peaked at No.14 five times during 2022 (February 28th, March 21st, April 25th, June 13th and August 22nd), while the set is still yet to be certified after 290 weeks within the Top 100 and was No.22 for 2021, No.40 in 2020, No.9 in 2019 and No.57 in 2018. The man who is about to tour here for the final time in January is Elton John who sees his “Diamonds” collection make it to No.14 for 2022, having previously been at No.16 in 2021, No.8 in 2020, No.14 in 2019 and No.84 in 2018.

Further collections within the EOY 2022 report are for INXS with “Very Best of” at No.40 (No.44 vinyl), Foo Fighters “Greatest Hits” at No.46, GH’s for both Green Day at No.49 and Pitbull at No.50 sitting back-to-back, followed by Bon Jovi at No.52 and Cold Chisel’s “The Best of: All for You” at No.53 (No.50 vinyl). The BTS collection “Proof” lands at No.61, while the Little Mix set “Between Us” sits at No.68, with the last two best of sets being for future tourists Red Hot Chili Peppers at No.75 and Jason DeRulo’s “Platinum Hits” made it to No.92.

The No.2 Album for 2021 was the Adele set “30”, which this year sits at No.13, while she has also landed positions with her older albums “25” at No.48 and “21” at No.76. The highest placed soundtrack for the past year was for the Disney set “Encanto” which lands at No.15 and was also the only film-set to land at No.1 during the past year, spending a week at the top on March 14th, with the three other soundtracks landing within the Top 100 being for ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen at No.35 (No.32 in 2021, No.26 in 2020, No.5 in 2019 and 2018), “The Greatest Showman” at No.79 (No.55 in 2021, No.38 in 2020, No.10 in 2019 and it was the No.1 in 2018), and finally the No.9 peaked “Sing 2” set from February lands at No.85.

Luke Combs’ three studio albums are all sitting within the Top 40 EOY, with his second set the highest placed in “What You See Ain’t Always What You Get” at No.17, followed by his debut set “This One’s for You” at No.19 and his 2022 issued third album “Growin’ Up” lands at No.32. Morgan Wallen and his “Dangerous: The Double Album” placed at No.38 (No.23 for 2021), with no other country albums or acts making it into the EOY Chart.

The Kid Laroi sees his multiple mixtapes “Fuck Love/Fuck Love 2: Savage/Fuck Love 3: Over You” become the highest placed Australian act for the past calender year, taking out the No.21 spot for 2022 (No.3 in 2021, No.25 in 2020), while he does also have the highest placed single for 2022 as his Justin Bieber duet “Stay” is at No.3, while JB’s “Justice” set takes out the No.24 EOY position. The INXS “Very Best of” sits at No.40, followed by Daniel Johns with his second solo album “FutureNever”, which places at No.42 (No.33 vinyl, No.1 on May 16th and October 17th thanks to vinyl sales), while the only Aussie act with two EOY positions are Spacey Jane who see their latest album “Here Comes Everybody” make it to No.45 (No.3 vinyl), while their older set “Sunlight” has lit up the No.67 spot (No.16 vinyl, No.42 in 2021, No.100 in 2020).

Cold Chisel’s collection is at No.53, while the 2022 issued album for Gang of Youths and “angel in realtime” sits at No.70 for the past year (No.12 vinyl), followed by Tame Impala’s 2015 set “Currents” at No.74 (No.15 vinyl), while Midnight Oil’s late February No.1 album “Resist” makes it to No.88 for the past year, followed by Dean Lewis and “A Place We Knew” at No.93 and finally at #100 is the Rüfüs du Sol set “Surrender” which didn’t land a 2021 position even though it debuted at No.1 on November 1st, 2021.

Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” album from 1977 has landed the No.20 spot for 2022 (No.8 vinyl), with the album logging a single week within the Top 10 during the past year (April 25th at No.9), while the album hasn’t slipped any lower than No.43 all year, previously it was No.21 in 2021, No.27 in 2020, No.48 in 2019, No.99 in 2018, and originally No.3 in 1977 and No.7 in 1978, and wins the prize for the oldest album within the EOY report.

Arctic Monkeys finish up their national tour of Australia next week, and that the continual sales of their classic 2013 set “AM” has helped it to place at No.27 for 2022 (No.4 vinyl; No.41 in 2021, No.89 in 2015, No.20 in 2014, No.31 in 2013), while they also placed on the vinyl charts their latest 2022 set “The Car” at No.18, and their classic “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not” was at No.36.

Further classic sets to make the EOY report include Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” at No.36, Bruno Mars’ “Doo-Wops & Hooligans” at No.43, Nirvana with “Nevermind” land at No.44 and at No.7 on the vinyl sales chart, December 2022 tourists Guns N’ Roses with their “Appetite for Destruction” is placed at No.54, Lady Gaga’s 2008 set “The Fame” rests at No.63 and the Amy Winehouse “Back to Black” album sees a No.99 position, plus No.21 for the vinyl EOY listing.

The most prolific genre apart from Taylor Swift this year, is the rap and RnB format, who place a slew of albums within the end of year listings, with three within the Top 10 for The Weeknd at No.3, Doja Cat at No.6 and Eminem at No.10, after which the next highest rap act is Pop Smoke with his “Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon” set at No.28 (No.11 in both 2020 and 2021), followed by the first of three Kendrick Lamar albums in his most recent set “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers” places at No.30 (and No.31 vinyl), as well as the 2012 album “Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City” at No.58 and his 2017 set “Damn.” at No.72 (No.49 vinyl).

Drake has four albums placed within the Top 100 EOY report, his highest being “Certified Lover Boy” at No.31 (No.18 in 2021), while he has back-to-back sets at No.80 with the June 2022 issued set “Honestly, Nevermind” and his 2018 album “Scorpion” at No.81, while his most recently released album with 21 Savage and “Her Loss” (Nov 14th, 2022) sits at No.87 for the year. Tyler, the Creator lands two EOY spots with “Igor” at its highest ever position of No.55 (No.13 vinyl; No.98 in 2021, No.83 in 2020, No.61 in 2019) and his 2021 album “Call Me if You Get Lost” (No.11 vinyl) finally lands an EOY position at No.96 (it didn’t score one for 2021).

Post Malone also sees all four of his studio albums score places for the end of the year, with his third album “Hollywood’s Bleeding” being the highest at No.57, while his album from this year (his fourth) “Twelve Carat Toothache” makes it to No.65, followed four places lower at No.69 for his second set “Beerbong’s & Bentley’s”, while his debut set “Stoney” makes it to No.89. Fallen rapper XXXTentation sees his “?” set place at No.60 (No.40 in 2021, No.36 in 2020, No.29 in 2019), while the soundtrack to his documentary “Look at Me: The Album” is only four places lower at No.64.

The first new material this decade for Beyoncé in “Renaissance (Act 1)” spent its first two weeks on the chart at No.1 on August 8th and 15th, and that has helped the album to place at No.56 for 2022, with further Rap/RnB entries being Dr. Dre’s 1999 album “2001” sitting at No.71 and Lil’ Nas X’s debut set “Montero” at No.73 (No.72 in 2021). Kanye West sees two albums in the listing, at No.77 is “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” and his 2021 set “Donda” at No.94 (No.36 in 2021), while Juice WRLD also places two sets at No.82 with “Legends Never Die” (No.29 in 2021, No.13 in 2020) and “Goodbye & Good Riddance” at No.98 (No.73 in 2021, No.57 in 2020). The last four are for Jack Harlow’s “Come Home the Kids Miss You” at No.84, Travis Scott with his “Astroworld” at No.90 (No.65 in 2021, No.43 in 2020, No.26 in 2019), Machine Gun Kelly’s “Mainstream Sellout” at No.95 and the debut set for female rapper SZA with “Ctrl” at No.97 (No.89 in 2021).

For a full listing of this year’s ARIA End of Year Albums Report see here.

HP = Highest Position
WI10 = Weeks in Top 10
WI100 = Weeks in Top 100
EOY = End of Year
+ = any weeks in with a plus (+) next to it is still charting within the Top 100

Written, Compiled and Researched by Gavin Ryan.

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