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Ian Moss photo by Ros O'Gorman

Ian Moss photo by Ros O'Gorman

Ian Moss Has A Setlist To Construct

by Paul Cashmere @paulcashmere on March 16, 2021

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When Ian Moss heads out on his ‘One Guitar One Night Only’ tour in June he will be pooling his setlist from a very rich catalogue of songs he wrote or sang for Cold Chisel and his own solo albums now dating back 32 years.

Ian Moss spoke to Noise11.com about the ‘One Guitar One Night Only’ tour.

Ian says, “I don’t mind dipping into the Cold Chisel pool, especially if it was something that I sang, like ‘One Long Day for example. I go ahead and sing the whole thing. ‘Choir Girl’ is another song and, of course, ‘Bow River’. Then there is ‘Tucker’s Daughter’, ‘Telephone Booth’ and ‘Such a Beautiful Thing’. ‘Never Before’ from Cold Chisel’s ‘East’ album is a song I wrote. It doesn’t take too much for me to create a nice, well-rounded show”.

‘Never Before’ goes back over 40 years. “41. 1980. It was Cold Chisel’s third and album that launched the band,” he says. “‘Cold Chisel’ was the first one, then ‘Breakfast At Sweethearts’ but ‘East’ was the one that went through the roof on the charts. We were away after that”.

Ian Moss started to make his songwriting presence felt on ‘East’ but “I didn’t exactly get super prolific after that,” he says. “‘East’ then ‘Circus Animals’ with ‘Bow River’ and a song called ‘No Good For You’. In 1983 Cold Chisel split up, in 1989 I had a bit of a break to get songs happening and get ‘Matchbook’ out. There was a bit more writing there but a lot of help from Don Walker and some good co-writes. It works well with me writing the music and Don Walker producing the lyrics”.

The one his songs are vacant from was ‘Twentieth Century’. “‘Twentieth Century’ was a weird album,” Ian says. “There was a far bit of stress in the middle of splitting up. We had decided to split up. I’ve got no excuses. I just didn’t write anything for the ‘Twentieth Century’ album”.

Noise11.com is presenting Ian Moss ‘One Guitar One Night Only’ tour starting June 5 in Adelaide. Find all the tour dates here https://ianmoss.com.au/tour/


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