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Icehouse perform at A Day In The Gardens in the Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne on Sunday 12 March 2017.

Iva Davies of Icehouse Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Iva Davies Has An Unreleased Icehouse Album But We May Never Hear It

by Paul Cashmere on June 17, 2021

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There hasn’t been an album of new Icehouse songs since 1993’s ‘Big Wheel’ and there may never be another one in our lifetime. There certainly won’t be one in Iva Davies’ lifetime although there is one recorded.

Iva Davies tells Noise11.com that he has a completed Icehouse album in his vaults but has instructed his lawyers to have it released after his death (which if he lives to 100 wouldn’t be for another 34 years).


So in answer to the question, “Why hasn’t there been any new music from Icehouse in decades, Iva Davies tells Noise11.com. “There is an entire unreleased album. I’ve actually just been reworking my will with a whole bunch of lawyers and I have specified that it is not going to be released until my demise. Whatever time is in-between then I can’t imagine at this point going back and writing because I put a lot into that album and I believe it’s probably the best album and the best ever songs I ever wrote. I’ve kind of made a really strange bar too high for myself in a kind of weird way”.

Iva does have unfinished music but has no plans to finish it. “I was here late at night not that long ago and I was hearing something downstairs,” he says. “I went down to a very big room to a piano that I’ve got. I took my phone with me and recorded this little sketch. I’m not a very good pianist but I just made a note that I could remember. I still have it on my phone and every now and then I go ‘I should finish that, its really something’”.

He says he just isn’t motivated as a songwriter. “It’s quite haphazard with me. I’m not somebody like Paul Kelly or Neil Finn. I’m jealous of these guys who just write constantly. I can’t do that. I have never been able to do that. I need to make a block of time. I genuinely have to have a deadline that is thrust onto me by somebody else. Back in the day I had these contracts with these clauses that said ‘you will deliver by this date’. They were my brickwall deadlines and that is probably the only reason I really wrote those songs. I don’t need to do it as a personal therapy. In a way that is a great disadvantage because the more you do it the better practiced you get. I can’t answer that question by promising you there’s going to be a bunch of songs anytime in the future”.

Icehouse will perform in Bendigo on 24 June 2021 and headline Trip The Switch in Ipswich, Queensland on 3 July, 2021 with James Reyne, The Angels, Shannon Noll, Killing Heidi, Boom Crash Opera and Blues Arcadia.

UPDATE – The Bendigo show for June 24 has now been cancelled due to Victoria’s current Covid restrictions.


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