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Jon Batiste Praises Beyonce For Breaking Down The Genres

by on April 2, 2024

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Jon Batiste has praised Beyoncé for “dismantling genres” following the release of her latest album, Cowboy Carter.

Over the weekend, the Jon took to X/Twitter to praise Beyoncé for the release of her new country album.

In the post, Jon gushed about Beyonce’s talents and shared his appreciation for being invited to work on the album, which was released on Friday.

“This is the moment yall, where we dismantle the genre machine,” the 37-year-old wrote. “I was happy to produce and write for Ameriican Requiem along with Beyonce and Dion No ID Wilson.”

“When I catch inspiration, the words and chords pour out of me. What a honor to then see how brilliantly Beyoncé made them her own and THEN further enhanced the lyrical statement, synthesizing it into the larger body of work,” Jon continued. “After the harrowing vocal prelude that happens to start Cowboy Carter, you get to hear these words that read like a proclaimation. ‘Do you hear me or do you fear me? ‘ or better yet in our Louisiana vernacular ‘Looka dere, Looka dere’.”

Jon added that he was “very grateful” to have worked with the “once in a generation artist”.

“Very grateful for my contribution to your brilliant album, a work of such unimaginable impact and artistic firepower by a once in a generation artist,” he gushed. “So glad that we finally got to collaborate with each other at this time.”

“Producing and writing for Ameriican Requiem was an example of extraordinary alignment – when many leading artists see a similar vision at the same time, that’s when you know a major shift is happening,” Jon continued. “A new era, long time coming. Let’s liberate ourselves from genre and break the barriers that marginalise who we are and the art that we create.”

Cowboy Carter is the second part of a three-part project that began with Beyoncé’s album Renaissance in 2022.

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