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Lance Bass Doesn’t Rule Out NSYNC Reunion

by on October 3, 2015

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Lance Bass claims the only thing stopping NSYNC from getting back together is the right ‘mood’.

The 36-year-old musician was part of the sensationally successful boy band with groupmates Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez.

The group formed in 1995 and went on hiatus in 2002, but according to Lance NSYNC fans can well see a reunion in the future.

‘I mean, who knows? We’re all brothers and we will be brothers the rest of our lives. It just depends on if we all get in the mood,’ he told Entertainment Weekly magazine. ‘You go through something like that, you’re family.

‘We love each other like brothers, we hate each other like brothers, every emotion comes out with your family members. It’s great. I love that they’re gonna be in my life the rest of my life. It’s so funny to see everyone grown up now ‘ Justin having a kid! It’s so crazy cause I still look at them as teenagers. We still have not grown up.’

Lance went on to explain NSYNC was not planning on separating permanently after their hiatus.

Justin released his first solo album Justified in 2002 and his subsequent success as a solo artist directly impacted the future of NSYNC.

‘We totally thought we were gonna do another album. Plans start changing in everyone’s lives,’ Lance detailed. ‘Justin’s career was just taking off. He had no idea that it was gonna be a success like that ‘ no one did. It just wouldn’t stop, so it just didn’t make sense for us to do another album as long as he was doing so well. As you can tell, he hasn’t stopped yet. There was no room for an NSYNC album.’

NSYNC’s last LP Celebrity was released in 2001. Prior to Celebrity the band published records NSYNC in 1998 and No Strings Attached in 2000.


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