Meat Loaf’s Daughter Pearl Aday Says Motor Sister Started As A Present For Her Husband’s 50th Birthday -
Motor Sister

Motor Sister

Meat Loaf’s Daughter Pearl Aday Says Motor Sister Started As A Present For Her Husband’s 50th Birthday

by Paul Cashmere on May 26, 2022

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Motor Sister, the band featuring Pearl Aday, the daughter of Meat Loaf and Scott Ian of Anthrax, started as a 50th birthday present for Scott to keep the music of Mother Superior live.

Los Angeles band Mother Superior were around from 1993 to 2011. The band grew from the backing band for Henry Rollins with Jim Wilson as the band’s guitarist, vocalist and principal songwriter.

Pearl tells, “Scott was turning 50 and we were thinking what’s the ultimate thing we could do. We ended up throwing four different parties. One of them, we couldn’t accept that Mother Superior music might never be played again because at that time the original line-up was defunct. They were no longer a band and for the foreseeable future they never were going to be.

“Scott and I were such massive fans of that band and the music we could not accept the reality that we might never hear that music live again. Scott and I talked about it and we said lets put together a group of friends who love the music just as much as we do and will play it live and we’ll invite the friends that we know and love the music too to a party.

“We’ll pick our favourite songs and make a show of it. We asked Johnny Tempesta on the drums, Joey Vera and Jim (Wilson) who was originally from Mother Superior and the writer of the music was all in for it. We didn’t all play until the very day before the party. We got together for one rehearsal the day before and did the show. We recorded it as a memento. Every song we played that night is on the first album”.

Watch the Pearl Aday Motor Sister interview:

Covid got in the way of the recording of the new album ‘Get Off’ but some fans were treated to some new songs at a streamed show in August 2020.

“That concert was at the Whiskey A Go-Go in Hollywood,” Pearl says. “Because of the pandemic it was all remote and online. We were given a slot and at that point we had the songs for the new record but we hadn’t recorded vocals yet.

“We were in the studio for about a week and on the very last day just before we recorded the last track we got the call ‘the world is shutting down, there is a pandemic, everybody go home’. We were listening back to what we had just done and thought we could go back in and do one last song. That was ‘Right There Just Like That’ and it starts off with Scott yelling “the worlds going to fucking hell and we are playing rock and roll”. We had just got the notification that the world was closing down but we were going to play one last song so we could finish it for the record.

“We did finish the music. That was in March of 2020 and the performance was in August. We hadn’t had a chance to finish it and put the vocals on. So we did perform a few of the new ones at The Whiskey”.

‘Get Off’ by Motor Sister is out now through Metal Blade.

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