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Paul McCartney The 7 inch singles

Paul McCartney To Release 159 Track Singles Box

by Paul Cashmere on November 10, 2022

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The 7-inch singles of Paul McCartney including b-sides have been compiled for a new collection coming in December.

‘The 7″ Singles’ collection features 159 tracks from 80 singles. An announcement is expected soon as to the format of the release but the listing has already been published by Apple Music.

The tracklisting is in chronological order but fans are already pointing out there are several omissions in the list.

What is getting fans exciting are the listings of 2022 remasters which have currently not been released to date. These include the yet to be released box set editions of ‘London Town’ with the tracks ‘I’ve Had Enough’, ‘Deliver Your Children’, ‘London Town’ and ‘I’m Carrying’ as well as ‘Back To The Egg’ with the tracks ‘Old Siam Sir’, ‘Spin It On’ and Getting Closer’.

Chronologically the box starts the with first solo single for McCartney ‘Another Day’. There were no singles of his debut solo album ‘McCartney’.

⁠This numbered limited-edition collection of 80 x 7” singles personally supervised by Paul McCartney contains:

Recreations of 65 singles/promos using restored original
artwork from 11 different countries

15 singles never-before-released on 7” including:
Singles previously released on 12”, picture discs, CD
singles/promos, digital downloads, and music videos
2 x previously unheard demos
1 x previously unheard 7” single edit
1 x EP
1 exclusive test pressing randomly selected from the
manufacturing process
148-page book containing foreword from Paul, essay by Rob
Sheffield, recording notes, release dates, and
chart information on each of the singles – each single included is
shown on the attached insert, which will be packed into each box

Remastered and cut at Abbey Road Studios, London

All housed in a two-piece, four-walled FSC-approved Redwood pine and Birch Ply wooden art crate manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Track Listing:

1971, Sweden
⁠1A: Another Day
⁠1B: Oh Woman, Oh Why

1971, US Mono
⁠Promotional Release
⁠2A: Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey [Mono]
⁠2B: Too Many People [Mono]

1971, UK
⁠3A: The Back Seat of My Car
⁠3B: Heart of the Country

Previously unreleased on 7”
⁠4A: Love Is Strange [Single Edit]
⁠4B: I Am Your Singer

1972, UK
⁠5A: Give Ireland Back to the Irish
⁠5B: Give Ireland Back to the Irish [Version]

1972, UK
⁠6A: Mary Had a Little Lamb
⁠6B: Little Woman Love

1972, Belgium
⁠7A: Hi, Hi, Hi
⁠7AA: C Moon

1973, Israel
⁠8A: My Love
⁠8B: The Mess [Live at The Hague]

1973, Sweden
⁠9A: Live and Let Die
⁠9B: I Lie Around

1973, Spain
⁠10A: Helen Wheels
⁠10B: Country Dreamer

1974, Germany
⁠11A: Jet
⁠11B: Let Me Roll It

1974, Germany
⁠12A: Band on the Run
⁠12B: Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five

1974, The Netherlands
⁠13A: Mrs. Vandebilt
⁠13B: Bluebird

1974, Belgium
⁠14A: Junior’s Farm
⁠14B: Sally G

1975, Australia
⁠15A: Listen to What the Man Said
⁠15B: Love in Song

1975, Germany
⁠16A: Letting Go
⁠16B: You Gave Me the Answer

1975, Belgium
⁠17A: Venus and Mars / Rock Show
⁠17B: Magneto and Titanium Man

1976, France
⁠18A: Silly Love Songs
⁠18B: Cook of the House

1976, Germany
⁠19A: Let ‘Em In
⁠19B: Beware My Love

1977, Japan
⁠20A: Maybe I’m Amazed (Live)
⁠20B: Soily (Live)

1977, UK
⁠21A: Mull of Kintyre
⁠21AA: Girls’ School

1978, Germany
⁠22A: With a Little Luck (DJ Edit)
⁠22B: Backwards Traveller/Cuff Link

1978, UK
⁠23A: I’ve Had Enough
⁠23B: Deliver Your Children

1978, The Netherlands
⁠24A: London Town
⁠24B: I’m Carrying

1978, France
⁠25A: Goodnight Tonight
⁠25B: Daytime Nightime Suffering

1979, UK
⁠26A: Old Siam, Sir
⁠26B: Spin It On

1979, UK
⁠27A: Getting Closer
⁠27AA: Baby’s Request

1979, Japan
⁠28A: Arrow Through Me
⁠28B: Old Siam, Sir

1979, UK
⁠29A: Wonderful Christmastime
⁠29B: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reggae

1980, UK
⁠30A: Coming Up
⁠30B: Coming Up (Live at Glasgow)
⁠30BB : Lunch Box/Odd Sox

⁠⁠1980, UK
⁠31A: Waterfalls
⁠31B: Check My Machine

Previously unreleased on 7”
⁠32A: Temporary Secretary
⁠32B: Secret Friend [7” Single Edit]

1982, UK
⁠33A: Ebony and Ivory
⁠33B: Rainclouds

1982, UK
⁠34A: Take It Away
⁠34B: I’ll Give You a Ring

1982, UK
⁠35A: Tug of War
⁠35B: Get It

1983, UK
⁠36A: Say Say Say
⁠36B: Ode to a Koala Bear

1983, UK
⁠37A: Pipes of Peace
⁠37B: So Bad

1984, UK
⁠38A: No More Lonely Nights (Ballad)
⁠38B: No More Lonely Nights (Playout Version)

1984, UK
⁠39A: We All Stand Together
⁠39B: We All Stand Together (Humming Version)

1985, US
⁠40A: Spies Like Us
⁠40B: My Carnival

1986, US
⁠41A: Press [Video Edit]
⁠41B: It’s Not True

1986, Art reformatted from US 12” promotional vinyl
⁠42A: Pretty Little Head (Remix)
⁠42B: Write Away

1986, US
⁠43A: Stranglehold
⁠43B: Angry (Remix)

1986, UK
⁠44A: Only Love Remains
⁠44B: Tough on a Tightrope

1987, UK
⁠45A: Once Upon a Long Ago
⁠45B: Back on My Feet

1989, US
⁠46A: My Brave Face
⁠46B: Flying to My Home

1989, UK
⁠47A: This One
⁠47B: The First Stone

1989, Australia
⁠48A: Figure of Eight [7” Bob Clearmountain Mix]
⁠48B: Où Est le Soleil

1989, UK
⁠49A: Party Party
⁠49B: Artwork etching

1990, UK
⁠50A: Put It There
⁠50B: Mama’s Little Girl

1990, Europe
⁠51A: The Long and Winding Road
⁠51B: C Moon

1990, UK
⁠52A: Birthday
⁠52B: Good Day Sunshine

1990, UK
⁠53A: All My Trials
⁠53B: C Moon

Previously unreleased on 7”
⁠54A: The World You’re Coming Into
⁠54AA: Tres Conejos
⁠54B: Save the Child
⁠54BB: The Drinking Song (Let’s Find
Ourselves a Little Hostelry)

1992, Europe
⁠55A: Hope of Deliverance
⁠55B: Long Leather Coat

1993, Germany
⁠56A: C’Mon People
⁠56B: I Can’t Imagine

1997, Reformatted from 7” picture disc
⁠57A: Young Boy
⁠57B: Looking for You

1997, Reformatted from 7” picture disc
⁠58A: The World Tonight
⁠58B: Used to Be Bad

1997, Reformatted from 7” picture disc
⁠59A: Beautiful Night
⁠59B: Love Come Tumbling Down

1999, UK
⁠60A: No Other Baby
⁠60B: Brown Eyed Handsome Man
⁠60BB: Fabulous

2001, Europe
⁠61A: From a Lover to a Friend
⁠61B: Riding into Jaipur

2004, Europe
⁠62A: Tropic Island Hum
⁠62B: We All Stand Together

2005, Europe
⁠63A: Fine Line
⁠63B: Growing Up Falling Down

2005, Europe
⁠64A: Jenny Wren
⁠64B: Summer of ’59

Previously unreleased on 7”
⁠65A: Dance Tonight
⁠65B: Dance Tonight [Demo]

Previously unreleased on 7”
⁠66A: Nod Your Head
⁠66B: 222

2007, Europe
⁠67A: Ever Present Past
⁠67B: House of Wax (Live)

Previously unreleased on 7”
⁠68A: Sing the Changes
⁠68B: Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight [Radio Edit]

Previously unreleased on 7”
⁠69A: (I Want To) Come Home
⁠69B: (I Want To) Come Home [Demo]

Previously unreleased on 7”
⁠70A: My Valentine
⁠70B: Get Yourself Another Fool

2012, US
⁠Christmas Kisses
⁠71A: The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
⁠71B: Wonderful Christmastime

Previously unreleased on 7”
⁠72A: New
⁠72B: Early Days

Previously unreleased on 7”
⁠73A: Queenie Eye
⁠73B: Save Us

Previously unreleased on 7”
⁠74A: Hope for the Future
⁠74B: Hope for the Future [Thrash Mix]

Previously unreleased on 7”
⁠75A: In the Blink of an Eye
⁠75B: Walking in the Park with Eloise

2018, Global
⁠76A: I Don’t Know
⁠76AA: Come on to Me

Previously unreleased on 7”
⁠77A: Who Cares
⁠77B: Fuh You

2019, Global
⁠78A: Home Tonight
⁠78AA: In a Hurry

Previously unreleased on 7”
⁠79A: Find My Way
⁠79AA: Winter Bird / When Winter Comes

Previously unreleased on 7”
⁠80A: Women and Wives
⁠80B: Women and Wives (St. Vincent Remix)

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