Reports About George Michael Condition Vary Greatly In The Press -
George Michael, photo by Ros O'Gorman, Noise11, photo

George Michael - Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Reports About George Michael Condition Vary Greatly In The Press

by on November 30, 2011

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Reports on the health of George Michael from Britain are all over the place as to his current condition and prognosis.

George Michael - photo by Ros O'Gorman

George Michael - photo by Ros O'Gorman

Spokespeople for the singer are keeping their “getting better every day” status; however, a number of other British newspapers are making other reports.

The Telegraph is reporting that Michael is responding to treatment and “slowly improving” adding that he has been joined at the Vienna hospital by his father, two sisters and current boyfriend Fadi Fawaz. They also say that his last partner, Kenny Goss, is expected to arrive soon.

The Sun says that Michael is being treated in a $150,000 bed that is used for critically ill lung patients. The Triadyne Proventa kinetic therapy bed was necessitated by what is said to be a secondary situation that is making it difficult for oxygen to get into the blood. Dr. Carol Cooper, consultant for the Sun explained:

The bed has probably saved his life so far. But he is far from out of the woods yet. These beds are lifesavers and exceptionally expensive, even to use.

With the lungs not functioning well, the heart has to pump harder to shift the blood around the body, which would make it harder to survive. This bed tries to get the lungs functioning as best they can.

The movement helps shift secretions inside the lung to make sure they don’t collect and make you worse. But if he is still being cared for like this, he is very seriously ill.

He is in a critical condition, which means he could die. We still don’t know why pneumonia affects some people more than others. But if you are middle-aged, and maybe with other problems such as with your immune system, your outlook is not so good.

Today, it is being reported by the Mirror and the Sun that Michael is now on a ventilator with the possibility of long term vocal damage being the result. Dr. Gerrit Wohlt, Michael’s ear, nose and throat specialist, said “In the worst case scenario, being on a ­ventilator could harm his vocal cords. He could end up with a hoarse voice, so a new year comeback is unlikely. He will needs months of rest.”

As far as long-term damage, Wohlt said “It depends how long he spends on the ventilator, but in the worst case his illness could seriously affect his singing capacity. The pressure is very close to his vocal cords and it could affect them.”

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