The Casanovas Discuss AC/DC As ‘Reptilian Overlord’ Is Released -
The Casanovas

The Casanovas

The Casanovas Discuss AC/DC As ‘Reptilian Overlord’ Is Released

by Paul Cashmere on August 28, 2020

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AC/DC’s fifth album ‘Let There Be Rock’ came just two years and one month after the release of their debut album. The Casanova’s fifth album (counting the first EP) comes 20 years after the first. The Casanova’s Tommy Boyce and Damo Campbell’s minds were blow by that fun fact.

“When you look at someone like Bon Scott and think of how massive he is as part of the band, when you look at it in that timeline he actually wasn’t in the band for that long”, Damo Campbell tells

Tommy Boyce tells, “If this album is anywhere near as good as ‘Let There Be Rock’ I’d be stoked. AC/DC really hit their strides on ‘Let There Be Rock’. Prior to that they were Boogie-Woogie but on ‘Let There Be Rock’ they became the band we know now.

The ‘Reptilian Overlord’ album was completed by the start of Coronavirus and lockdowns in Australia. “There is always other stuff to be done but that is on the record company side of things,” Tommy says. “As far as the recording and mixing that was all done. I’m glad we are putting the record out regardless. To get the record out is important and we can tour it next year. Hopefully then we’ll have a clean slate for the next record”.

The Beatles entire catalogue from ‘Please Please Me’ to ‘Abbey Road’ was released over six and a half years between 1963 to 1969.

Tommy said, “Some bands put out their first record when they are 18 and the maturity of songwriting blows me away. For me as a songwriter I am only starting to approach that standard and I’m 45. Better late than never”.

‘Reptilian Overlord’ was produced by Mark Opitz who also worked on AC/DC’s ‘Let There Be Rock’. Mark had lots of AC/DC stories while The Casanovas were making ‘Reptilian Overlord’. “We had them forced upon us. He was pretty keen to regale us with stories from the past,” Tommy said.”

Watch the Noise11 The Casanovas interview with Tommy Boyce and Damo Campbell:

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