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Rone Time Exhibition photo by Noise11.com

Time * Rone Suspends You In Time Above Flinders Street Station

by Paul Cashmere on November 1, 2022

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Rone exhibitions have become one of the highlights of the Arts culture of Victoria.

As with previous exhibitions, Rone has transformed the abandoned and rejected into a work of art. In 2019 there was the mansion in Sherbrooke, 2017’s The Omega Project transformed a house in Alphington and now Rone has been commissioned to reimagine the third floor of Flinders Street Station, left abandoned for decades.

Rone Time Exhibition photo by Noise11

Over 100 people worked on putting each detail together. To transform these empty spaces above one of Australia’s busiest railway stations is a feat in itself. The artist Tyrone ‘Rone’ Wright spent three years creating Time * Rone and then months putting it all together. Each room recreates the era down to minute detail. Everything you see was created for the exhibition with Rone’s signature ageless, female portrait in each room.

Rone Time Exhibition photo by Noise11

This visually stunning exhibition allows us to see the early 1950s as if it had been preserved and then forgotten. We are being able to experience the moment with original sculptures, portraits and décor recreating the time, artificially covered in dust and cobwebs like we have literally stumbled into a room that time forgot.

As you enter each room you experience an original soundtrack composed for this occasion by Nick Batterham of Cordrazine/The Earthmen/Blindside. Nick had previously collaborated with Rone on Rone In Geelong and Empire. Nick’s haunting soundtrack sedates you as it bridges you with the visual past.

Nick has themed each track for the room with:

Flinders Street Waltz (I)
Flinders Street Waltz (II)
Flinders Street Waltz (III)
The Stitching Line
The Longship
The Weight of the World 1
Under The Clocks 1
The Weight of the World 2
Under The Clocks 2
Hallway Train

The Nick Batterham ‘Time’ soundtrack is also available.

Nick Batterham Time

When this exhibition ends in April, as with previous Rone exhibitions, all of the original artwork will be destroyed. It will live on through the images taken by the people who came to see the exhibition and in part in the replicas in the books and prints created for the exhibition. His original work will no longer exist. His art is also about portraying fragility. It is what Rone does.

Open until 23 April 2023
Closed Public Holidays
Closed Tuesdays
THU, FRI, SAT 10 – 9pm
SUN, MON, WED 10 – 6pm

To book | Go to www.rone.art.

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