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TISM Hit The Vaults For Three More Releases

by Paul Cashmere @paulcashmere on April 15, 2021

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TISM, Melbourne’s Alternative Rock/Alternative Dance/Synthpop/Dance-Rock legends of the 80s, have prepared three more releases from their vaults for impending release.

Cassette recordings of 1984 indie tracks once sold at Uni gigs as ‘This Is Serious Mum’ will be released on Opaque Yellow vinyl for the very first time. ‘Punt Road’ from 1987 rehearsals is also on the way on green vinyl and then ‘Mistah Eliot – He Wanker’ will be released as a 7 inch 750 copies limited edition for Record Store Day.

Note to self: ‘Mistah Eliot – He Wanker’ would make a great theme song for the 3AW Drive show.

TISM – THIS IS SERIOUS MUM Release date: Friday 21 May 2021
LP on Opaque Yellow vinyl.

In 1984 TISM compiled a number of recent recordings, and dubbed up a couple of dozen cassettes. The cassette was created predominantly for the band’s own amusement but a handful were sold at a performance at Melbourne University and another half dozen or so were sold to a few Melbourne indie record stores. One copy found its way to booking agent Mark Burchett and indie label owner Gavan Purdy, who immediately signed them up for gigs and a record deal. The rest is history, but those quickly forgotten cassettes, and the recordings which graced them, have become a holy grail for collectors.

Here finally, remastered and sounding better than ever before, are those recordings.

The Art-Income Dialectic
Eckermann Is Very Silly
The Back Upon Which Jezza Jumped
Defecate On My Face
Lyric For Jack
I Go To Werribee
Crime Against The Spirit Oo Poo Pee Doo
Pus Of The Dead
Clarse Distinction
The Reserection

TISM – PUNT ROAD Release date: Friday 21 May 2021
LP on Opaque Green vinyl

Three years later, having released a debut single, and mini-album, TISM were preparing the release of “40 Years – Then Death” a song that would be a highlight of their forthcoming debut LP. Rehearsals were undertaken for upcoming live performances to launch the single. Punt Road is a fly on the wall document of those rehearsals.

If You’re Creative, Get Stuffed
Anarchy Means Crossing When It Says “Don’t Walk”
The Ballad of John Bonham’s Coke Roadie
Saturday Night Palsy
I’m Into Led Zep
(I Think I’ve Got) Mick Jagger Worked Out
40 Years – Then Death
The Fosters Car Park Boogie
A Faceful Of Divertamenti
Defecate On My Face
Babies Bite Back
Choose Bad Smack
Mistah Eliot – He Wanker
I Drive A Truck

CD Bonus Tracks:
U2, Brute?
The Fosters Car Park Boogie (HBF vocal)
Choose Bad Smack (2nd take)

TISM – MISTAH ELIOT – HE WANKER Release date: 12 June 2021
Limited to 750 copies on translucent red vinyl.

By Aug 1986, flush with the success of their debut single “Defecate On My Face” TISM had recorded what was intended as a follow-up single, “Mistah Eliot – He Wanker”. Two other songs were recorded during those sessions, “A Faceful Of Divertamenti” and “Kill Yourself Now And Avoid The Rush”. A last-minute rethink by the band saw them record further songs and release all the recordings together as Form and Meaning Reach Ultimate Communion. 35 Years later, here is “Mistah Eliot – He Wanker” released on 7” single especially for Record Store day on June 12. The B-side is a previously unreleased early mix of “Kill Yourself Now And Avoid The Rush”.

“Mistah Eliot – He Wanker” will be exclusively available in record stores on June 12.


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