Former Hi-5 Member Casey Burgess Records Album With Rick Price -
Casey Burgess Space To Breathe

Former Hi-5 Member Casey Burgess Records Album With Rick Price

by Paul Cashmere on September 17, 2020

in News

Casey Burgess, a one-time member of Hi-5, has been working on her new album in Nashville with one track co-written with Rick Price.

Price, Burgess and producer Sam Hawksely wrote the track ‘Movin On’ for her album ‘Space To Breathe’.

Casey made the ‘Space To Breathe’ album with Australian Sam Hawksely in Nashville. The songs were written over two trips in 2018 and 2019 and the album completed in 2019.

‘Space To Breathe’ is the debut album for Casey and first music since leaving her five year stint with Hi-5. “I felt like I had so much to say about life, love and heartbreak and feel I have the strength to be open to other woman who have had the same experiences. I want to reach out to girls and women, and men for that matter, who are unsure of how to express their feelings. I want my words and experience to be that place of solace for them – like I have and do with my favourite artists”.

Casey has been a regular on Australian TV starring at times in Home and Away, Rake and Farscaped as well as the telemovie Scorched.

Older fans will know her dad, 70s singer Ray Burgess.

1. A Little More Love (Casey Burgess / Sam Hawksley/ Fred Wilhelm) –
2. Good For Me (Casey Burgess / Sam Hawksley / Dannielle Blakey)
3. You Might Love Me (Casey Burgess / Sam Hawksley / James Farrell)
4. Space To Breathe (Casey Burgess / Abigail Tapia / Erika Attwater)
5. Unapologetically (Casey Burgess / Sam Hawksley/ Rachel Loy )
6. Maybe It’s Better (Casey Burgess / Sam Hawksley/ Rachel Loy )
7. Lemon Tree (Casey Burgess / Andrew Rudd / Victoria Boland / Brian Melo )
8. Five Minute Fairytale (Casey Burgess / Sam Hawksley/ Leigh Nash )
9. Are You Kidding? (Casey Burgess / Sam Hawksley/ Jedd Hughes )
10. Movin’ On (Casey Burgess / Sam Hawksley/ Rick Price )
11. Are You Coming With Me? (Casey Burgess / Sam Hawksley/ Mando Saenz )
12. You Might Love Me (BONUS LIVE RECORDING) (Casey Burgess / Sam Hawksley / James Farrell)

‘Space To Breathe’ will be released on Robert Rigby’s Ambition on 2 October, 2020.

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