Azaelia Banks Spews Racist Rant Against Australia -
Azealia Banks, Future Music, Ros O'Gorman, Photo

Azealia Banks, Photo By Ros O'Gorman

Azaelia Banks Spews Racist Rant Against Australia

by Paul Cashmere on May 10, 2023

in News

D-List rapper Azealia Banks has posted a racist rant against Australia on her Instagram account, and then since removed her spew.

In the post Banks starts that the Australian media/music/entertainment industry “don’t think they realise how unimportant they are as far as music culture goes”.

The failed rapper, who has only had one average album that peaked at no 30 in America in 2014, says Australia has “an extreme dearth of talent … outside of Kylie Minogue, INXS and AC/DC, (Tame Impala is just cheesy to me, and Wolfmother is excellent – but clearly an American rock tribute band)”. Clearly the motormouth rapper has had a dearth of anything new ever since MTV turned into a reality channel.

“Australia doesn’t really have any music acts that anyone truly cares about on a global scale because they’re in a vacuum of off-brand British culture.” A Global scale? American’s hardly know who she is. Banks has only had ONE single on the US Dance chart back in 2014 and another on the Electronic songs chart in 2018? That is her claim to fame?

Then Banks gets really vile. “Could be to with it being geographically so out of the way and aggressive, barbaric, oppressive and violent they have been in regards to the very existence of native black peoples”, she ranted.

And it continued, “The reason … Australian culture is so trash is BECAUSE of the country’s historical post-colonial obsession with I guess, trying to prove to England and the monarchy that they – a legion of convicts/mentally insane social rejects – were in fact a proper white/Anglo-Saxon society – using the massacre/subjugation of black/indigenous peoples (manifest destiny bullshit) and theft of their land as a marker of national strength”.

You’ve got to feel sorry for people like Banks. She spews racism. She ends with yet another obscenity trying to connect “ethnic cleansing” with “inability to produce music”.

Banks was in Australia in December 2022 where she cancelled shows in Melbourne and Brisbane. In 2016 she left a Melbourne stage after two minutes claiming someone though a beer at her. In 2015 she called the Splendour in the Grass festival a waste of time.

Banks’ days in Australia are clearly over and judging by her chart record, America doesn’t care for her either.

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