Boom Crash Opera Prepare Acoustic, Rarities and Greatest Hits for Kick It Out Live -
Boom Crash Opera

Boom Crash Opera

Boom Crash Opera Prepare Acoustic, Rarities and Greatest Hits for Kick It Out Live

by Paul Cashmere @paulcashmere on April 27, 2021

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Boom Crash Opera’s ‘Kick It Out Live’ tour will feature an all-new setlist including songs never played before, songs rarely played before and a stack of hits. They will also support themselves with an acoustic set at the start of each show.

Singer Dale Ryder is getting ready for the tour and is working on getting fit for the 100 minute set each night.

Dale tells, “In 2002 Peter Farnan wrote an Opera with Richard Pleasance and I drank seven beers a night. There is a work ethic happening there. I put on about six kilos being lazy. Yeah, we have done a couple of shows. I need to get fit but otherwise, the band is sounding pretty good except this tour we are supporting ourselves. We are doing an acoustic thing. We’ve done it before. The crazy lunatics we are we asked on social media what songs people wanted to here and they picked some crazy tunes. We’ve got to learn them and I’ve got to learn to play the guitar again. It is going to be interesting”.

Before 2020 Boom Crash Opera were open seen on festivals like Red Hot Summer. Their own shows allow them to extend the set. “At the festival shows people are expecting you to smash them out, get off, next person … no new tunes,” Dale says. “This time we’ll make it interesting. It is kind of easy to just smash out your songs but to try and make it interesting for the punter and for ourselves, that is hard. We decided to start off acoustically and build up to the whole band. We’ll play a whole lot of songs we have never played before. There is a song called ‘Dreaming Up A Fire’ which I don’t remember playing for a very long time. People have suggested we do some songs and we are doing most of them. Its about one hour and 40 and its good, ending up with the electric thing.

We are doing a track from Gizmo, the first track ‘Wake Up Fine’. We are doing ‘Gimme’. There is always this contention that when you go and see a band 90% want you to smash out your hits and do a couple of other songs from an album. 10% might want you to do a new song and you can’t invest the time for 10% of people. But having said that if a good new song comes out of Peter Farnan I’ll be happy to play it and record it.

Boom Crash Opera Kick It Out Live dates are:


7 – Beer DeLuxe, Albury NSW
14 – Hamilton Hotel, Brisbane QLD
15 – Parkwood Tavern, Gold Coast QLD

4 – Palms @ Crown, Melbourne VIC
5 – The Gov, Adelaide SA
11 – Mezz Bar, Wallsend, NSW
12 – Paddington RSL, Sydney NSW
13 – Sunken Monkey Hotel, Erina NSW

16 – Barwon Hotel, Winchelsea, VIC
17 – Doncaster Shopping Town Hotel, Doncaster VIC

1 – Republic Bar @ Longley International Hotel, Hobart TAS

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