Taxiride’s Jason Singh Creates New Show ‘Heaven’s Greatest Hits’ -
Jason Singh Heavens Greatest Hits

Taxiride’s Jason Singh Creates New Show ‘Heaven’s Greatest Hits’

by Paul Cashmere on August 16, 2022

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Taxiride singer and songwriter Jason Singh has put his own songs aside to perform the songs of the artists who inspired him. His new show is called ‘Heaven’s Greatest Hits’.

‘Heaven’s Greatest Hits’ is not a covers show. It is a actual show with a story detailing the artists who are no longer with us.

Jason started working on the concept back in 2018. “I started putting the show together in 2018 but then when Covid hit in 2020 it gave me a lot of time to dream up how big that show could be,” Jason tells “During Covid whilst building this studio and having lots and lots of time to think where my life was at, I came up with a show called ‘Heaven’s Greatest Hits’, a tribute show of all the greats who have passed away, Prince, Bowie, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Michael Hutchence, Elvis Presley. It is sort of based on my album ‘Vale’ which I put out in 2018. It was a tribute to all those artists who really inspired me in life and music and as a person really”.

With a show like ‘Heaven’s Greatest Hits’, content was never going to be a problem. “Taking on that size catalogue of music, the sky is the limit. I put it down, started creating it in my head and came up with this whole musical/visual show. Its not a gig. It’s an actual show. I’m ready to roll it out,” he says.

The show also has personal meaning to Jason. “I’ve kept it close to my personal idols and inspirations.”

Jason was a huge fan of Prince who is represented in the show. “I’ve been listening to Prince pretty much my whole life. I was an activist for him. All my friends were listening to Gunners and Motley Crue and I was listening to Prince. That part in my life was so important. It is the building blocks of who you are going to be. I still listen to him pretty much every day”.

Jason Singh will present Heaven’s Greatest Hits at The Palms at Crown in Melbourne on 30 September.

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