The Soul Movers Are Working With Former Sherbet Members -
The Soul Movers Lizzie Mack and Murray Cook - photo credit Kim Madgwick Photography

The Soul Movers Lizzie Mack and Murray Cook - photo credit Kim Madgwick Photography

The Soul Movers Are Working With Former Sherbet Members

by Paul Cashmere on October 29, 2020

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The Soul Movers’ Lizzie Mack and Murray Cook have been working on new music with Garth Porter and Tony Mitchell, formerly of Sherbet.

‘Bona Fide’, the previous album for The Soul Movers, was recorded in Memphis but with Covid, the Sydney based band was limited to Sydney for the next record.

“We’ve been hankering down at Rancom St Studios with Garth Porter and Tony Mitchell of Sherbet,” Lizzy Mack tells “Driving 15 minutes from Coogee and Newtown to Botany is a lot easier than going halfway across America. We went there a lot. We started writing in early April and we finished mastering a few weeks ago”.

Murray Cook, the artist formerly known as The Red Wiggle, was in awe of working with the Sherbet legends. “For me it’s a full circle because Sherbet were the first band I ever saw when I was 11 years old,” Murray says. “To work with Garth producing and Tony playing bass on the album is pretty exciting. It is interesting for us as well because we’ve always produced our own stuff. We have never had an outside producer. You do have to let go a little bit and trust the other person. Garth is pretty collaborative but he knows his mind and he has set ideas in a lot of ways. He knows what works. He didn’t have to twist our arms”.

Lizzie concurs that it was the right time to allow someone into the Soul Movers’ inner circle. “Murray and I agreed that you have to be at that stage of evolution where you want to give someone else a crack,” she says. “We’d done ‘Testify’ by ourselves and we worked with people in the States. We had a lot of incredible talent and skill on it. In terms of production we had always done it ourselves and we thought this was a whole different ballgame. Once we started working with Brent Clark, who has worked with Midnight Oil, we officially knew we knew nothing. Thank God we got the professionals in especially on this album because its more of a studio record”.

The Soul Movers album will be released in 2021. The new song ‘Splinter’ is out now.

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The Soul Movers Lizzie Mack and Murray Cook - photo credit Kim Madgwick Photography
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